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Trust & foundation establishment

We can assist you with the setup of your Trust or Foundation

Acker Choquette has been involved in trust establishment and estate planning services for more than 20 years. Our extensive experience allows us to provide our clients with carefully crafted estate plans that preserve their legacy and protect the future of their families. 

Establish your Trust or your Foundation in full confidence


A “Trust” refers to “the legal relationship created, either inter vivos or on death, by a settler when assets have been placed under the control of a trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary or for a special purpose” and states that a trust will have the following characteristics. 

Trusts established through Acker Choquette can be used, amongst other things, for the following purposes :   

– Tax Planning

– Estate Planning

– Preserving Family Assets

– Continuing Family Business

– Confidentiality

– Running an Individual’s Business or to own shares in a company

– Charitable and non-charitable purposes



Private foundations can be nonprofit charitable entities that tend to be created by a single or multiple benefactors. 


Also, private foundations can be created by individuals or businesses, and the funds they receive come from a single source (unlike public charities that fundraiser from many different sources).


Private foundations can also ensure the management of private assets for the benefit of families over several generations. 

Private foundations are less open to public scrutiny because of their lack of public involvement. 


There are various types of Private Foundations:


1. Independent foundation :
An independent foundation receives its support from an endowment that comes from a single source.


2. Family foundation :
Usually, a family foundation is funded by an endowment from one family.


3. Corporate foundation :
This is a philanthropic organization that is financially supported by a corporation and is a separate legal entity from the corporation financing it.

“Trust and foundation preserve legacy and protect the future of families.”

Denis Acker



Review how a Trust or a Foundation can be valuable to you. This first discussion is followed by the issuance of a summary stating also the initial documents required to proceed with the analysis. 


Drafting your solution

We will establish a solution matching your exact situation to protect you, your family and your estate. Several exchanges between you and our team will be necessary to collect all required documents. 


Setup of the Trust or the foundation

Once all documents have been provided by you, we proceed with the creation of the special purposed vehicle for you.  

We take care of the registration, and can also assist you to proceed later with endowments and transactions.

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