Intellectual Property & Trademark Law

intellectual property and trademark law

What are intellectual property laws ?

These laws protect the authors, the inventors and the authorized users of an original creation or technology against the illegal use of their work by others. A copyright, a registered patent or a registered trademark prevents unauthorized individuals or corporations to use, sell or manufacture protected products, ideas, concepts, creations, or public commercial images. In certain cases, specific know-how and original industrial processes can also be legally protected.

intellectual property

requirements to register a copyright

The requirements to register a copyright, a patent or a trademark in the UAE are similar to those of the industrialized countries. However, any published material (books, videos, computer software, etc…) must have a registered copyright before being commercialized in the UAE. Also, under the UAE Trade Agency Law, the registration of any intellectual property right must be done through a UAE National agent or an Agency firm controlled by UAE nationals.

iP protection

Protection of intellectual Property rights gives to their holders the exclusivity of their concepts and products on a specific market, and it is a key element of the international business. Before operating on a new market or investigating for international partners, a corporation should secure its intellectual property rights for the targeted territory by registering them with the local competent authorities. 


In 1993, the United Arab Emirates adopted a new set of Intellectual Property Laws consistent with international standards. Since then, these laws have been strictly enforced. The UAE is a member of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariff (GATT) and has been a member of World Trade Organization (WTO) since 1996. 

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